Finding a Good Realtor

As a active investor in real estate I have come across quite a few Realtors.  In fact, I’m amazed how many realtor are really out their.  Now I’ve heard many a horror story from investors about Realtors and why they hate them, but I have quite a different opinion.  I LOVE Realtors.  Why?  They make me money….Lots of it…Here’s why, I have a system thatI use to educate Realtors how I do business and the types of deals I’m interested in.  I show them exactly how I find deals and even show them a lot of my secrets about how to find hidden profits.  So why would I tell an agent who could possibly steal a deal from me or use my strategy to benefit himself and I get no love?  The truth is, most Realtors are happy being a realtor.  Now don’t get me wrong almost all of them dream about being an investor and doing their own deals.  But what I’ve found is most of them just want to earn a quick commission.  They didn’t recieve the training in realtor school how to lock up and control a property for a profit.  What they were taught was how to find clients and get a deal closed.  They reason I know this is because my wife is obtaining her real estate license.  For me, I have no interest in having a license and being heavily regulated but, my wife is a fine complement.  I can use her as my buyers agent and listing agent to obtain at least 6% of a deal when I’m flipping.  This make a big difference when your buying 200k plus homes.  That equates to 12k in realtor fees.  So how do you find a good listing agent?  One way I have done it is to find realtors who are listing fix-n-flip homes.  If they have a lot of listings in an area, chances are they are a market expert.  This could make you lots of money.  It means he/she has street cred.  They will probably know the market better than you.  For buyers agents, I like to call busy short-sale teams and ask for their buyers agent.  These people are used to writing up deals.  I take them to lunch explain my program and tell them instead of waiting for things to happen, they can have control and makes things happen by sourcing me REO and Shortsale deals that come up on MLS. 

Real Estate is a great business to be in.  If your just starting out I recommend you try to find a mentor.  Then, start writing offers.  Your not in the game until you do this….And it is the place where most people chicken out.  Be bold, realize you have an inspection period to blow out of a deal.  Who knows, you could maybe lock up a deal and sell it to an investor like me, who will pay you a fee for doing so.  All is possible with real estate.  It takes  a dream and bold action to win in this game, go out and do it.