Finding Private Money

Finding Private Money can seem like a daunting task.  The questions I get the most is, “where do you find it, and how do you ask for it.”  The first place you should look for private money is in your warm market.  This is people you know now.  This may seem awkward and maybe uncomfortable at first, because you may be just starting out.  But I find that enthusiasm and confidence will usually overcome the right people.  These people are the ones that know you best and could possible help you out.  Here’s the trick.  It’s how you ask.  You […] Read more

Private Money

One way to get private money in your real estate business is to show people you know what your doing and to look professional.  Here’s a little video I did that shows a home I have locked up in contract and I show comps providing insight as to how much that home is worth.  What I don’t tell you is how much I paid for it.  But I will tell you in this blog….I’m buying the home in the video for 65k.  If I sell it at 100k that is a 65% LTV.  That is the kind of spread you need to […] Read more