Multifamily Deals

Great properties are all around us.  Cash flowing properties provide something special that you get every month.  You may not get rich quick, but you will get rich buying rental property.  Go to to get on my VIP Buyers list and ge deals like the one in the video below.

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Making Money with Shortsales

REO’s have been in the news a lot lately.  Everyone is wanting to find a great deal which leads them to one or two options for most.  Either they try to buy at the auction, or they try to buy a REO.  What most don’t know is that banks are starting to do a lot more with shortsales.  The trick is you have to wait it out.  There are no quick answers with shorts.   Here’s the strategy I recommend.  Make offers on all three.  What will happen is this; you get some deals at aution, you get some more from […] Read more