Income Producing Property

I figured if I put a picture up of some hot naked chicks more people would look at this post.  I’ll soon find out if I’m right.  Here’s the deal though.  Most investors that I know are all looking for the same thing.  The big fat flip…..It consumes them, controls them, almost to the point that they see no other way and certainly no other vision.  True investors that are into wealth creation, know flipping is a means to an end.  This is when there is more that meets the eye.  Income producing property working for you month after month is the […] Read more

REO’s The Big Bad Bank

REO is the new buzzword for investors.  It seems that we all know about REO’s like we have heard about them forever but until recently it wasn’t mainstream.  Now when you put in an offer on a REO it feels like there are 10 other people doing the same thing on the property you are trying to buy.  Question?  How do I get mine accepted?  The trick is to have a clean offer, shorten up your terms for inspection and increase earnest deposit but most of all, use the listing agent as your buyers agent.  When all else fails, giving […] Read more

Sandwich Lease Options

Prices have fallen tremendously in real estate that last 2-3 years.  In my opinion, we are very close to the bottom, and with that comes new opportunities to create wealth in real estate.  A sandwich lease option is a great way to lock up a property with little to no money, control it and lease it out to another from handsome paycheck.  Check out the video below to learn how I do it.

[…] Read more