Managing Contractors

Managing Contractors is a big responsibility in making your real estate deals profitable.  If you are too lenient, contractors will overcharge you and take advantage of you.  If you grind your contractors at every single point, they are going to get back somehow.  It’s usually by cutting corners.  Click on the link below to get some perspective on how I handle contractors.

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Deal Partnering

Deal partnering is a great way to get started in real estate.  Not only can it get you paid, it can also help build up your resume on deals that you have done.  When I first started in real estate, I took a good look at my inventory, ie… myself and what I had going for me.  Unfortunately, I had ok credit and no money.  Yet, I was very hungry and willing to do anything to make it in real estate.  I knew that I really had two viable options starting out.  One was wholesaling.  I knew beyond a doubt […] Read more

ABC Transactions

On the front page of the Arizona Republic their was a article talking about ABC type transaction.  Not to summarize too much, it talked about how upset the real estate community is over these types of transactions.  They felt how should an investor be able to negotiate a deal with a bank, via short sale, and then resale the property within a couple of weeks if not sooner and make a profit.  I find that very troubling.  It’s called capitalism.  It’s what America is known for.  As an investor who does these types of transactions with full disclosure, I feel […] Read more

Finding Private Money

Finding great real estate deals is a critical part of being an investor.  It requires great skills and knowledge to be able to smoke out those big fat hogs that pay you a lot of money….I see new investors spend all there time learning this one thing and it ends up crippling them.  Why?  They don’t have the money to close.  You see, here’s what I know about real estate deals.  A great deal comes along about once or twice a week.  The only difference between a successful real estate investor and someone who’s not usually comes to this.  MONEY….He […] Read more

Finding a Good Realtor

As a active investor in real estate I have come across quite a few Realtors.  In fact, I’m amazed how many realtor are really out their.  Now I’ve heard many a horror story from investors about Realtors and why they hate them, but I have quite a different opinion.  I LOVE Realtors.  Why?  They make me money….Lots of it…Here’s why, I have a system thatI use to educate Realtors how I do business and the types of deals I’m interested in.  I show them exactly how I find deals and even show them a lot of my secrets about how […] Read more

Private Money

One way to get private money in your real estate business is to show people you know what your doing and to look professional.  Here’s a little video I did that shows a home I have locked up in contract and I show comps providing insight as to how much that home is worth.  What I don’t tell you is how much I paid for it.  But I will tell you in this blog….I’m buying the home in the video for 65k.  If I sell it at 100k that is a 65% LTV.  That is the kind of spread you need to […] Read more