Getting buyers approved

Buying real estate these days seems pretty straight forward.  You have many options and places to find and source deals.  The truth is, that is only a small piece of the real estate puzzle.  In order to get paid on your screaming purchase, you have to find a buyer.  In my experience, there are a lot of great real estate brokers out there working hard every day, and for every great one, there’s 10 bad right behind them.  Have you ever had a deal getting ready to close and then for some odd reason, the mortgage broker is trying to […] Read more

Finding REO Deals

Finding REO deals, or what most people know as Bank Owned property, is easier than you can imagine.  In a minute, I’m going to share with you a little secret that will help you go out with confidence and source good properties.  But first, I want to talk about why REO deals are so great to work.  The first thing I like about REO Bank Owned properties is that you can get a response quick.  Unlike short sales that take forever, REO deals take usually a day to get a response back from the listing broker.  You can literally write […] Read more

Multi-Family Opportunites in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ has not been getting any love for our residential single family home markets.  Competition has been fierce with multitudes of single family investors shrinking up speads.  What most investors are not aware of, is how cash flow is abundant and almost everywhere in Phoenix with Multi-Family opportunities.  You can take a 4-plex that you can probably acquire for $15-$20k per door and rent it out for $400-$650.  You are making almost $1,200 dollars of profit per quad per month.  In Multi-Family, it even gets better.  Let’s say you have that one bad tenant that ups and leaves.  With your single family home, […] Read more

Real Estate Investors Cash In

Ok, the newspapers are understanding that investors are important to this economy.  We take a home that may have a little deffered maitanace and turn that home into something nice and new.  Unfortunately, our govement and goverment programs out there feel like we are the enemy.  Why should we make more than a 20% profit.  To get out of this housing crisis, it’s going to take everyone’s help.  Banks have to lend, buyers have to buy, and investors need to invest.  If we all work at doing what we do best then we can all pull out of the housing […] Read more

Greg Clement and I talk about Training

As a seasoned investor since 2005, I still find it odd that people wonder why I still attend bootcamps and real estate training.  The truth is, you should never stop getting an eductaion.  Just when you think you know it all someone you don’t know seems to be doing better than you with new information.  I think training is important.  Real estate training will help you overcome your fears, but more importantly it will help you with your confidence.  I’m in the process of creating my own training series that will help new investors figure this thing out.  Be on […] Read more

Bandit Signs Why they work

I like bandit signs. I like bandit signs so much I order them weekly. Why do I order bandit signs weekly? Because they make me a lot of money. Period. Bandit signs are one of the most cost effective way I know of to get my phone to ring. In most cases, a bandit sign can get about a 10x resposne rate then you can get from a newspaper ad. How do I know this? I’ve done it and I have spent a lot of money testing and measuring different techniques. Also, they are good not only to find seller […] Read more

Real Estate Investing 101

Investing in real estate since 2005 has had its share of scary moments followed with those of utter disbelief.  At times you wonder how you got into this mess and at others, you praise yourself for making the right choice.  As I watched the first miner being pulled out of his 69 days of hell, I watched his son wait in utter anticipation.  It came to a point when the son could not bear it anymore and broke down with tears in his eyes missing the one he called father, papa.  Then his dad came into sight and as he […] Read more

Wells Fargo to Help Arizona Homeowners

Are you one of the 1718 Arizona homeowners who obtained an adjustable rate mortgage also known as the “Pick-a-Payment” program offered by Wachovia or Golden West Corp (now owned by Wells Fargo)?  If so, there may be some good news for you!  Wells Fargo has agreed to provide more than $150 Million in mortgage relief  via loan modifications to Arizona homeowners as a result of a settlement which alleged the loans were marketed deceptively by not fully explaining to homeowners that making minimum payments during the first years of their loan would result […] Read more