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All of our properties are off-market and you can only learn about them through us. Our unique underwriting and understanding of the rehab process makes a proven partner and trusted advisor.

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We are not agents who will bring you listings. We only sell to serious investors who can make quick decisions and close fast.

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We have smokin’ deals in Phoenix, San Antonio and Tulsa. Get on our VIP BUYER’s list to start receiving deals that will pencil.


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Taking care of business

It’s about us making sure we can take care of our customers

What we do?

At the core of our business model, our primary focus is to build systems allowing us to buy inventory below wholesale market values. This allows us to have a good supply of off-market deals.

We then connect these off-market deals to successful Investor’s, allowing them to profit for bringing properties up to date or filling them as rental units.

We have a simple saying, “if our Investors make money, they we get to make money too.”

Why choose us?

We have been in business for 10 years!

As a seasoned fix and flipper in AZ we have fully renovated 217 homes and have a very solid working knowledge of what it takes to be successful. We now focus on marketing and finding SMOKIN’ deals and then sell them to investors like yourself.

We know how to find SMOKIN’ deals

In 2009-2010 you could throw a dart on map and find a deal without even trying, but now those days are over. You have to be a skilled marketer and have dependable follow up systems that allow you to get choice deals. We have figured this out and now pass the deals along to seasoned Investors.

Soon to Come Private Money to finance your Deals

By mid 2015 our Hedge Fund, Kahuna Capital LLC will be fully operational and loaded with capital to help fund your next deal. We already know the property so less time for underwriting means you can get your money fast.


Top of the Mountain

Discover the journey of setting goals and achieving more than you ever thought possible.

Our Philosophy

At Kahuna Investments we believe in creating win win opportunities for all. That fact is rooted in our team as we follow the Golden Rule; treat other as you would want to be treated. Moreover, we are crazy about life and living it to our fullest potential. Our motto is work hard, play hard. At the end of the day we only want to work with people that we care and like and support our buyers in any way we can.

What they say about us!

  • Kahuna Investments is the real deal. Not only did they give me a great deal, they also guided me to local sub-contractors since we are out of town investors.


    Cody Chamberlain, The MUVE Group

Curious who works here? Meet the Team!

Our awesome Services


Kahuna Investments offers service oriented wholesale properties. We work with top Investors in our market and provide them with great deals.

We are your one and only source for all projects happening in Phoenix and San Antonio. Our site is the only central hub for off-market properties that are currently under construction.

Selling homes is something we take seriously. With customer service on the top of our list, there’s no doubt as to why our clients love and refer us.

Not your average reality TV show…Not only is it unscripted, it’s usually filmed in one take. Get to know The Kahuna Group personally and watch the amazing transformations take place right before your eyes.

Kahuna Investments provides real estate investment opportunities to accredited individuals across the USA through Multi-family commercial properties.

We operate over 21 million dollars of commercial Multi-Family Apartments in emerging markets across the USA, looking for value add projects with strong cash flow and upside potential.

Coming in summer 2015

Frequently asked questions

What Markets Do You Wholesale Properties in?

Currently, we service the greater Phoenix, San Antonio metros and Tulsa. In those markets we mail approximately 20,000 pieces of mail each month to find smoking deals and bring them to our investor pool.

How Can I Receive Great Wholesale Deals?

We only send deals to our VIP Buyers List. If you have not opted in yet, go to the home page now and register. Someone from our office will contact you and within a couple of minutes can see if we have a fit or not.

How Soon Do I Need to Close?

Typically, most of our Investors close within 10-12 days from contract. This allows them to get in, inspect home and confirm they still want to move forward. Most of our Investor pool is serious investors and have the skill and knowledge to move quickly.

Do You Wholesale Other Peoples Wholesale Deals?

Occasionaly…We have students that we JV partner with that we show them how to market and find deals. We then provide our huge buyer network to be able to help them sell it. But don’t worry, we don’t take small skinny deals, and we will always have control of a property if we get in that situation.

If I Receive A Deal That I Want, What Do I Do?

On every deal we send out, there’s a call to action. Mainly call us and confirm you want the deal, and we will then draw up a contract. Remember, it is first come first serve so speed is good.


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